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My Services

Ad-hoc or Retainer-based services available.


Future-proof, responsive, and SEO friendly WordPress websites for your business needs.

Digital Marketing

Owned, Earned, and Paid media solutions on a classic ad-hoc basis or retainer model.

Operations Support

Digital asset creation, user-friendly excel files, and more for business efficiency.

Hi! My name is Dennon K Clamp, and I’m known for being one of the top Australian Digital Marketing consultants. I’ve had features in Magazines, been interviewed on live radio and television, and have had my work extend internationally.

I am passionate about helping people succeed by designing blueprints for businesses to align their strategic objectives with their tactical demands. I often advise Start-ups as a Business Architecture Specialist and have had multiple successes with my own ventures.

If you’re looking for an ad-hoc solution or a retainer-based model of service in the digital sphere, I am your man… your mate in helping Incubate the ideas you have into reality. IncuMate!


Developing future-proof and responsive WordPress websites to your business and budget needs comes native to Dennon. All websites are developed with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques in mind and include the integration of Email and Social Media platforms you may be using.

Digital Marketing.

A brand for your business is like a reputation for a person.

Positioning yourself with differentiation, competence, as well as the consumer’s best interest should always drive marketing efforts. Knowing who your audience is and how you speak or relate to them is important in the Digital sphere. Dennon will guide you through the process of discovering your online persona and execute strategic plans to achieve your goals.

Operations Support.

Without a plan, a business is essentially rudderless, and day-to-day activities are likely to be haphazard and reactive. Businesses implementing a well thought out plan with operational assets have a higher rate of success.

IncuMate will help you learn, plan, and do in a holistic way by creating digital assets and developing back-end support systems to your organisational needs.

I have helped many small and large brands in my current and past ventures:

One-Page Action Plan.

Getting some focus and direction can transform a business and is hugely valuable.

You need a strong ‘here’s what you will get’ and ‘here’s why you should do this’ and perhaps even a ‘here’s what can go wrong’.

Meet with Dennon to identify where you are now, where you want to go, and then develop a one-page action plan to get you started – obligation free.

Project Research

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