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INCUMATE | Dennon K Clamp

Business Solutions Architect | Virtual CSO & CMO

Keeping You Relevant In The Digital Age.

Execution Roles

Have Dennon be hands-on and readily available, helping you acheive your business goals.

Advisory Roles

Affordable retainers for those on a budget – available for constant email and phone communication.


Dennon is an award winning Sydney based consultant who specialises in Business Solutions Architecture. With multiple roles as a virtual Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, he designs solutions for businesses by aligning their strategic objectives with tactical demands.

With a track record of success in directing companies in operations and digital solutions, some of his notable achievements include selling two of his own start-ups, receiving the NSW Information Technology Award, facilitating the Gloria Jean’s Friday Mic Night movement across Australia, leading the Social Media team that helped convince major supermarket chains to halt plastic bag productions, and turning a failing restaurant chain, Snagstand, into YELP’s 2014 Top 10 Venue’s of the year.

After many years of experience in multiple industries including hospitality, retail, fashion, and media & advertising, Dennon has had the pleasure of being interviewed live on Australian radio, been featured in international magazines such as The Collective Hub, and has had live interviews on television.

Dennon is a futurist who spends his spare time studying technological, socioeconomic, and new market trends. He enjoys project management and is hard working and regularly instils people with ideas relating to self-growth, emphasising the importance of emotional intelligence and the value of integrity. 

With his technical abilities and analytical approach to problems, Dennon is a great extension to any team.

Website Development

Future-proof, responsive, and SEO friendly WordPress websites for your business needs.

Social Media

Reach out, foster relationships, and drive sales with ROI-driven strategies and activities.

Campaign Management

Boost traffic, clicks, conversions, and brand awareness through PPC and/or Influencers.

Operations Support

Digital asset creation and back-end support systems development for increased business efficiency.


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