Hey friend, my new Artificial Intelligence program for Social Management is ready!

PPC, SOcial, & Influencer

Campaign Management

Ready To Make an Impact?

Google AdWords, Social Media Campaigns, and Influencer Marketing can be complicated, however, they remain the best ways to promote your products and services.  Get your social channels and website landing pages seen by increasing traffic and driving sales. Contact Dennon to set up and run your Google Advertising, Social Media Campaigns, and Influencer Strategy today.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Boost traffic, clicks, conversions, and brand awareness for your web goals.

Social Media Campaigns

Reach out, foster relationships, and drive sales with Social Ads.

Influencer Marketing

Develop brand awareness, find leads, and convert with word-of-mouth.

Benefits & Process


Save Time

Use your time on other aspects of the business and leave the strategy, content creation, and execution to Dennon.


Weekly Insights

Have reports sent to your email as often as every week rather than each month like agencies.


Constant Communication

Clear and concise recommendations, next-steps, and feedback on an agreed schedule.


Approval Process

Always be in control of what is released and approve the content that is shown to the world.

No Lock-in Contract

Stop worrying about those three-month agency contracts. Dennon starts acquiring leads in the first month!

Unlimited Product Catalogue

Have more product items to add on your website? Don’t worry – Dennon has you covered.

Lower Fees Than Agencies

Don’t pay 20% of your advertising spend, or thousands of dollars to manage campaigns. Just one simple fee.

1. Strategise

Dennon will analyse your pages and keywords, import your product catalogue, and plan the next steps for you while always staying on top of your website or social media changes.

2. Advertise

Dennon fully manages the creation of Google Ads and Social Media campaigns. Using creative copy, he buys relevant keywords and ad-placements directly related to your product or page on your budget.

3. Learn

Dennon learns from each customer, click, conversion, device and keyword. As time progresses, his insight deepens and the strategy becomes more effective.

4. Optimise

Dennon will remove ad’s that aren’t performing well and boost those that are, constantly measuring what keywords are converting into sales and adjust the bidding accordingly to optimise your ROI.


What Are You Waiting For?